For New Players (How To Get Loot with low Gear)

  • Hey going to type this as alot of new players couldnt drop loot lately, as we know to get loot from world bosses we need to deal the minimum damage on the world boss in question, once you have done such even if you die after that, you’ll still get loot from world boss as long as you dont Resurrect, you wont lose the loot, the key lies that the system reads you dealt the min damage on the world boss, once you resurrect you reset your damage and lose the loot.
    1- deal min damage on world boss.
    2- dont resurrect if you happen to die after landing alot of hits on world boss .
    3- theirs no way to know for sure how much damage is done on world boss as long as you deal few combos it should be ok( the more the ap the easier)
    4- never resurrect when the health of a world boss turns red.
    Best Of Luck !

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