PSA Regarding the CDO Discord and our future!

  • Community Manager


    Ensuring a high degree of transparency has always been one of our core ideals regarding Crimson Desert Online, and all its related services. As such, we will hereby provide a full debrief on the situation surrounding the Crimson Desert Online Discord Server based upon the information we currently have available to us.

    Starting in the late evening of last Friday (8/18/2019) we received an alarming number of reports regarding messages not being able to be sent in any of the channels present on our Discord Server.

    We rapidly were able to verify that these reports were indeed accurate as all messages attempting to be sent are being blocked by Discord themselves, regardless of rank. Furthermore, this is not only limited to user accounts, but to bots as well.

    In addition to this, the Discord Server was forcefully renamed and all of our invites has been disabled. New invite links are also disabled from being made, which has effectively resulted in our Discord Server being fully locked.

    We would have been more than happy to work together with Discord in order to solve any issues or concerns they had regarding our channel, but no prior notice was received before the lock-down was initiated from their side. In an attempt to gather further information on why this lock-down is currently in-place, and if it is a permanent decision on their side we have reached out to Discord, but no response have been received on the matter as of writing this post.

    It is incredibly disheartening for us to be treated as such considering that we have remained in full agreement with the Discord Terms Of Service since we initially created our Discord Server up until this point, in addition to the thousands of new users we have brought onto Discord’s platform.

    We are still working on doing everything we can to regain access of the Crimson Desert Online Discord Server, and will continuously provide updates as we receive more information on the matter.

    This incident has shown us that placing our primary form of communication in the hands of a third party was a poor decision. One which we are working on rectifying with the creation of this forum.

    On the behalf of the entire Crimson Desert Online Team I apologize for the inconveniences and confusion caused by this unforeseen event, and we are very grateful for the understanding and support sent our way during this ordeal.

    On a brighter note, this setback has not affected our development efforts and we will be releasing some definite announcements regarding release dates on 8/25/2019, in other words, a week from now!
    In these announcements we will be revealing the culmination of the development effort made over the last couple of months.

    We are incredibly excited to share what we have been working on, and what we will be working on moving onwards, and you should be too! Regardless if you seek the thrill of Player versus Player combat, slaying hordes of monsters in search of treasure, playing the marketplace to increase your wealth or enjoying the laid-back gameplay of Life Skills, we have exciting additions and changes for all play-styles!

    Stay tuned for further reveals, for we have merely just begun!

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