REQUEST: Steam Overlay Support

  • Hi, its impossible currently, to use steam overlay with crimson desert online.

    This is because cdo has a launcher, and then a separate main game exe.

    When i add cdo as a non steam game, steam thinks the LAUNCHER is the game, so after i log in and click START GAME, steam thinks im no longer playing CDO.

    There are currently workarounds for this, which involve the launcher being able to have commands implemented into it.

    This exists for the blizzard launcher and the origin launcher, it looks like a URL and you paste it in the launch commands.

    For example origin://launchgame/XXXXX

    the OTHER workaround involves adding the MAIN GAME EXE to the steam library as a non steam game, and simply skipping the launcher all together.

    This would be fine, if the launcher’s button that says “start game” simply launched the BlackDesert64.exe, and i could simply boot the launcher, login, and then instead of clicking start game, i click launch “BlackDesert64.exe” via steam library.

    HOWEVER, clicking start game also launches xigncode and coherent host ui. This means that if i try and manually launch BlackDesert64.exe, EVEN IF IVE LOGGED IN, i still get an error because the start game button has a script on it to launch multiple exes or something similar.

    If you would be so kind as to release the “START GAME” button as a standalone EXE, and make the launcher minimizable to tray instead of AUTO CLOSE ON LAUNCH, so that i can log into the launcher, minimize it, then boot the standalone START GAME EXE via steam, and it launches the game without errors from not having xigncode, username and pass, and coherent host ui attached.

    Maybe there is a more simple fix to have steam overlay support, but afaik, the only solution for other people to bypass, was using the origin://launchgame/BF5 to force steam to AUTO CLICK the corresponding game in the launcher, and have the steam overlay not apply on the launcher, but on the actual game. This is different though, because origin launcher has many different games, and the same goes for the battlenet:// launch commands and launcher.

    I am unsure if it will be an easier fix because there is only 1 game, or if it will be more difficult because those official AAA games might have their launchers coded with the same software so it accepts steam launch commands.

    Either way id love some insight into this, as having a steam overlay while playing CDO would be the BEST!

    Kind regards

  • Maybe the new launcher could have a special button called “Launch With Steam”

    If you clicked it it would make a steam login popup, then after u logged into the popup box and press enter; it would launch the game WITH STEAM OVERLAY and it would say “BEAN: Currently playing: Crimson Desert Online” to my other friends, and i can press SHIFT+TAB to open steam overlay.

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