• Good morning sweethearts. I came up with an idea that could wake up the server. Let’s create daily meetings for regular battles. RBF is dead and it’s hard to group together. How about all of us meeting at 6 PM CEST (18:00 eu time) and queue on EU1 for RBF? I hope you will come and we will finally have fun!

  • @ImBadGuy ya we usually queue for rbf on eu1 around 4-5pm GMT

  • We were doing daily RBFs not long ago around the same time. But people got turned of from dsyncs, class balance, random crashes and other bugs

  • Yeah that too

  • @OriginsBD said in RBF:

    its dead cause all the major faces rouletted their gear left cause the staff was that much incompotent to not release the announcement in time :D so i dont think rbf will be back anytime soon :( just look at the state this whole clown fest turned out, nobody wants to play cdo anymore :’(


    @DontBanTruth said in RBF:

    @Ancher dont forget people rouletted :D

    doesnt make other private servers any better if people roulette, it just means they are upset

    all other private servers are garbage except this one, if you cant deal with the dev team being small and you want some industrial grade capitalism AAA game development, maybe go invest in EA, or maybe wake up to yourselves

  • @Ancher no its because bjorn made everyone in the server reroll ninja and now noone wants to play against that cancer 1shot fest, where there is a big pile of people, and then someone comes invis and shadowstomp bladespin and delete the whole group

  • i am stil waiting for the time when we get at least one capped RBF with GS limitation. I bet there are many people would join, if they didnt have to face people with 370Ap, I cant be the only one xD

  • @SnowQueen Amen.

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