Lifeskilling now and what will RM bring?

  • I would like to put down some lifeskilling info with questions for GMs how things are gonna change in remaster.
    Part of it is suggestions and also some bugs.
    I dont know everything and I possibly forgot to mention some things, I welcome every sensible addition or corection.


    • As we progress with gathering we get more things up to 15 pieces of the main recourse. Sadly, even as guru, so often we get often we get only 1.
      Is remaster gonna bring any change to this? Could we posibly get some base amount link with gathering level, that would gaarantee us getting more than one, if we get the bad rng roll?

    • Energy consumption is way too high for master+ gatherers. On 500 energy I was able to gather about 800 water as guru 17. Which is way to little. There is not much, if any, difference between master and guru when it comes to energy use.

    • Tools. I get a feeling that lucky tools are not working. Magical tools are. Higher gather level doesnt effect durability at all, even tho it should. (and i think pets dont either, got about 14% durability reduction and there is no difference)
      I know we can get magic tools with RBF seals, could we get another way how to get them? more pve way?

    • Hoe gathering. Could we get some buff for this? I would love to see more fruit dropping , but also, I think the drops are way to low. With hand gathering you get more fairy powder,more base recourse + weed on top vs. Hoe can give you fruit and no weed.

    • Shards. Here I am again, crying about too little shards dropping from gathering xD. I hope remaster will bring better drop pool for higher level gatherers and also Manos gear will give it a boost. Will it be so?

    • Looting BUG. I am experiencing looting interferences with gathering loot window and pet looting.
      Example: Olvia, many beatles under olive and grape trees, I kill everyone close to me and go to gather olives/grapes and let my pets loot. But if pet picks up loot at the same moment my gathering is finished and my gather window loot is open, I am unable to colect my gather loot.

    • Underwater gathering. Either i gathered wrong stuff, but for the whole time i play here i got only 2 sea fruits. Can we get boost?
      Many underwater stuff dont drop any fairy powder. When you want to gather many things next to each other, you need to move every time, otherwise the gathering wont start again.
      Also what is the respawn time on Giant Pearl Oyster?
      Could we get some cool powerful breathing crystal to stay underwater for longer? Talking about something custom made so we can enjoy more underwater time.

    • Perfume of Swiftness. Everlasting herb/whale oil. Could we get everlasting herb seeds? Will whale hunting be possible on RM or could we get another way how to get whale oil?


    • Curently its possible to level it up on few monster that will give hunting exp upon butchering them + one quest at kaia lake. What is the plan for this lifeskill? Will it get some attention?

    • We need the knowledge about seaguls to finish Velia adventure.

    Cooking /Alchemy

    • Canape outfit doesnt decrease the cooking time.

    • Any plans on boosting the product or side products? Since the drop rate is 5x and I dont think there was any change done to these two lifeskills.

    • Alchemy stones should have the same “drop chance”, yet destruction stones are so rare to get. Any plans on boosting Shinning powder creation rate?
      Life alchemy stone doesnt really effect gathering drops nor processing rate.


    • I dont think processing outfit, silver embroided clothes not processing level have any effect on processing rate. As guru 19, +3 clothes + outfit + life stone, failing almost every third process on potatoe flour.
      I have high hopes for RM and the build processing, can we look forward to that?

    • list itemAny plans on boosting processing? either with the speed or amount of things we get from one process?


    • ID: 4534/1 [TRAINING] IN SEARCH OF THE FINEST COURSER quest is bugged. Its the T9 mat quest for master traners, when you should get 2 items instead of 1. When I tame the horse, the quest doesnt register it and it can never be finished. The previous version of quest for 1 item works fine.

    • Any plans on increasing t9 mats on RM? We are also limited by not having any horse race seals, and will have to use twice the amount of imperial traning seals. We have all high hopes on fix for Imperial traning, to get the the right amount of silver.

    • Horse skill change cupon is a bit iffy, i dont think it register the FS on the specific skills we try to go for, instead of giving FS to every skill.


    • This is a big one. Can we expect any changes to it? We would love to see the imperial trade working (also with connection to T9 horse mats), but I know this might be way too much work.

    • Currently we can trade dropable items anywhere for the regular price, no need for the node conection and no bonus gold to the distance. Items from npc can be bought and sold, but with no distance bonus, so all you can get is only a bit of exp but no gold. Which bring me to the next issue and that is trading exp, if we gonna get trading reworked/fixed , there should also be change/boost to trading exp. I think we have some profesional traders now, and it was in most of the cases made on fishes.


    • Farm are not effected by the location (weather/water) and plants are almost not effected by pests which leads to 8h farming cycle (+few mins).

    • Since gathering can bring up to 15 base recourses, farming is slightly behind in drops - on the 1slot basic crop it gives 40-70. Any thoughts on increasing the amount we get?

    • Pruning/pest killing was improved, but it still dissapears on its own every 3 mins together with “energy ticks”. Shards do drop more than in the past but i would say it could be increased.

    • Energy consuption is uneffected by gathering level, every time we gather on farm we use energy. It should scale similar to gathering, when with higher level we use less.

    • Any thoughts on maybe making farms cost less CP or having more slots or possibility to rent more than 10?


    • There is possibility to level it up by few quest in epheria port. We dont get exp from sailing boat since we cant get into the open sea.

    • Are we getting the open sea (Margoria) with RM?


    • I almost dont fish, so i left it for the end. I feel like pearls drop too little from fishing, and same goes for the gold item we get when the gold even hits.

    • Any thought on giving us fishing boost? Like 5x more fishes xD , or fishing imperial treade

  • Gamemaster


    Point 1.

    I’ve thought of ways to buff gathering drops when It comes to higher levels and obviously there should be something when you hit higher guru levels, but I’ve already thought of “Set a minimum based on gathering level” but there Is also a point where the scaling can get “too good” so to speak Ex. Lest say you gather a potato at guru one and this level guaranteed 5 potatos minimum and lets say we increase this minimum by 1 for everyone guru level, so guru 2 would be 6 and so on. At guru 20 which Is the current clients cap Is would give you a minimum 25 potatoes on your worse possible roll, that Is a lot a of starch and that’s not taking into account remastered higher lifeskill levels. But I’m open to more ideas and an easy fix for this would simply every 3 or 5 level increase the minimum gather by one but yea, toss me something.

    Point 2.

    This I agree with but this Is because the formula used on our client Is different than retail and Is very hard to mimic without seeing the proper formula taken so this will just take more fine tuning when we can get to It but believe me I want It.

    Point 3.

    Lucky tools work just RNG Is RNG as for durability reduction that’s just a bug with reduction to durability In general which Is why pets don’t work and why there Isn’t durability loss on gear as well. As for a more PvE way to obtain yes I already have some plans for that In the future.

    Point 4.

    No point In buffing until other systems are working Imo you buff because something Is wrong and then you fix the problem then the subject In question Is “too good” so you nerf It, and truth be told nobody like nerfs. If afterwards It still feels like Its not In line with other stuff we could look into buffing.

    Point 5.

    Manos will indeed be a blanket lifeskill buff because of how the items work In general as for specifically buffing hards and sharps I’m hesitant on that because honestly I feel like the amount of lifeskillers on the server currently compared to grinders Is hugely lopsided and once remastered hits I’m sure more lifeskillers will spring up and we will need to see how the market Is doing there but If needed yea I’m down for buffing lifeskills.

    Point 6.

    Never tried this so never experience but I will take a look at It.

    Point 7.

    Most If not all of the sea items/magoria are not currently fined tuned because the area Isn’t technically enabled which Is why fairy powder doesn’t drop, same thing happened with Valencia gather points until the team enable the drops on nodes and only then was fairy powder being dropped so I’m sure this will be the case for sea items/magoria.

    Point 8.

    I’ll check with team on this one. If needed I can come up with an alternate way of obtaining-.


    Hunting Is working and being tested on with the PTR client once you get your hands on It let us know If there was something we missed, but It does now function at least <3.


    Point 1.

    I think this Is incorrect In fact Canape Is better than Its supposed to on the current client due to a bug.

    Point 2.

    I agree with this but It comes with a similar issue as I stated with minimum drop from guru levels, what Is the correct approach here just increase the amount of side product obtained with higher levels or give a base minimum, and either of these can be correct but they also have some consequences that come with them. Another thing too Is we want to introduce pearl boxes to cooking and alchemy, we’ve always stated you should be able to play how you wish while still obtaining pearls. But with cooking and alchemy you can spam some very easy recipes, I know I do to power level my CP.

    Point 3.

    See point 2. But as for the processing rates that’s because the function Is bugged In general, see what I said about durability In point 3. of gathering.


    Point 1.

    See point 3. of gathering, as this Is the same issue.

    Point 2.

    See point 1. of gathering.


    Complete honesty here I never really traded on live as I didn’t find It interesting but If you have any recommendations of guides and how It should be In conjunction with our server rates and retails intended function I could do a study session and see what I can do or come up with.


    Point 1.

    Obviously bugged (haha kill me) but sadly I think this one will have to wait a bit as other lifeskill functions have higher concerns but we will definitely get this In line and working proper, I love farming and waiting for the 8h cycles sometimes not even working Is very frustrating.

    Point 2.

    see point 1. of gathering.

    Point 3.

    Mostly bugs again (haha kill me again) but as for drops maybe a slight buff to hards and sharps Is fine but this goes along with the issue of putting a band aid fix on a problem we intend to fix.

    Point 4.

    See point 2. of gathering.

    Point 5.

    I want to say probably? Lets go back to the cooking example and power leveling CP especially once we buffed It to be In line with the rest of the server, does allowing players to have super farms sound fun? Of course! But does It sound balanced? No not really once more players start rolling In everyone Is gonna have a hard time placing there farms down If they are so cheap and cost efficient, and we all know how on live farms disappear seemingly randomly so who know how this change would effect anything, but interesting none the less.


    Point 1-2

    Magoria will be part of a progressive release but I don’t believe Its coming with remastered, Kamasylvia Is next on the list.


    Point 1.

    I agree and will do some balance changing In the future.

    Point 2.

    see point 1. of gathering.

    Well that was a nice little typing session, I am terrible at formatting but good ideas thrown around and that’s a good thing! Discussions like these create very fruitful ideas, I’m happy to hear any counter points you may have or alters to my current suggestions. Lastly do not forget that the statements here are my own and not the whole teams point of view! ~C

  • Gamemaster

    @A-Cinnabon pls ignore my terrible grammar it’s 2 am t-t

  • @A-Cinnabon
    Great to hear back from you this soon.
    I feel like other lifeskills beside gathering and horse exp havent got proper boost compared to the retail rates (sorry im comparing it to the 2years old retail version when i played it) that is why I was asking about possible boost since some parts of the game are 5x .

    Im afraid valencia figs still dont drop fairy powder.

    About the gathering min/max in conection to gather level, what would be the max you imagine for guru20 to get? and is there a plan to go above guru20?

    • Lets say we have beginner, apprentice, skilled, artisan, master (1/10 /20) , guru (1/10/20). Means 6 (or 10) stages, which each could get garantee min. So as guru 20 you would get min 6 (or 10 ) on the base item.

    • Should max go above 15? That is the question, 15 is a lot, but i think we could go up to 20. Wasnt it 20 on ogrefest?
      How about for Master10 incresing it to 16. Master20 - 17. Guru1 -18. Guru10 -19. Guru20 - 20.

    • What is a base drop? Is it log + timber + fairy powder? Ore + rough stone + fairy powder? … or just log, just ore… etc

    • How about rare items. Here I am kinda blind, since from some rocks (hard stone, blood stone, etc.) you can drop 7 or 8 different ores and gems. I suppose master and guru would also deserve more rare drops, but that is more difficult to pinpoint.
      And about tree rare drops, I think spirit leaf drops way too often when compared to the others, getting red tree lump or blooty tree knot is way harder.

    Traning - I think you missed that one :)

  • Gamemaster

    @SnowQueen ~Short and Sweet~


    P1. Something we will have to try In RM lots of quests have changes and fixes on the new client.

    P2. Another one of those don’t buff without fixing the core issue problems, but once we see how the data rolls out we can buff to be In line with other lifeskilling outlets

    P3. I have no knowledge on the 1’s and 0’s behind this, something Hwang would have to look at but he’s already a busy bee.

    Now with your main response, buffing horse training Is a pretty dangerous move but not something we wont consider but look at other servers where you make the same If not more silver just from horse selling/trading by doing whats basically nothing compared to grinding. It’s something that’ll be a slow increment increase over time If anything

    Remastered will most likely go up to guru 50 If we can get It right so there Is a lot of room for experimentation here, and If we capped off the minimum at 15 It just becomes when should you hit that guru 50? 40? scaling It Isn’t the real issue. As for base drop I was referring to the actual items you would be gathering from said node, so a potato would be the main thing while everything else Is secondary (assuming you are gathering with a hoe).

  • Hey!

    Regarding gathering, why not make all the progress to guru rewarding, keep the base of 1-15 of potatoes and fairy powder and a guaranteed item/items per mastery.


    • Apprentice per one gather gets random 1-15 potato and fairy powder + guaranteed 3 potatoes and fairy.
    • Skilled 1-15 + 4
    • Professional 1-15 + 5
      And so on, numbers can change to what you think its best and balanced


    • Apprentice per one gather gets random 3-15 potato and fairy powder
    • Skilled 4 - 17
    • Professional 5 - 19
      If its a little too much add a chance of x% that you get a amount of fairy powder in one gather ( 55% 1 to 15 / 45% 3 to 15 for apprentice)
      Also can we get some rewards for achieving Master/Guru, like 1-3 tools of our choosing (magic/lucky/shining), mastery exp, cp exp, a sharp/hard, feels weird to achieve higher levels and not get something.

    For farming since its a 5x server can we get a little decrease on the growth time?

    Fishing doesnt seem rewarding, got to Master 8, very few pearls in this time, sometimes not a single one, 1-2 golden item and 1-2 breezy conch seaweed, and not a single title in this time.
    If Remastered hits do we get the titles for the amount of fish that we catched if the info is stored in the database? Or do we have to start over in the same spots to get the titles?

  • Gamemaster

    I already went over fishing and like I said I agree that Its very weak compared to other lifeskills, and for Farming I also said a bit on this but I want to say “likely” but can’t say for sure yet when decreasing their farm times. With the gathering changes you propose It all just falls back to whats a good balance and whats too much, and Its hard to tell honestly but once we start stabilizing data after RM we can look at adjustments.

  • You missunderstood what i said with the buff for traning.
    I ment that gathering and traning already got their buff, gathering has possibility to get up to 15 and horses have like 10x or 12x right? I was saying that those two alraedy have buffs but other lifeskills dont, thats why almost under every lifeskill I asked for future buff to even it out.

  • Maybe wait for manos and go from there if it’s going to be implemented here. Since it does overhaul* lifeskills in a major way.

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