Faster Money No AP Required/ And Other Methods Which are Available (Not Necessarly The Best Nor Is It Faster)

  • We all at some point need quick few millions to buy or snipe stuff on market, as to many new players join the game and asked for a fast silver making, i decided to type the info here regarding Fairy Powder.

    1-*fairy powder =10,000 silver each
    2-*Fairy powder is obtained from various gathering… be it using Tools that are obtained from the material Vendor ( typing M/bottom right>search icon/ and type with capital letter M/ Material) youll find it, or be it using bare hands ( using bare hands proved to drop it more frequently as leveling gathering will increase your drop amount which is 15 Fairy powder max.
    3-*best location for gathering such is loggia farms> potato fields/ Valincia> Freekeh(proved to drop pearl boxes oddly frequently then any gather, and ofc lynch node which is the Node on the mountain located on the left of Hidel, use a collector tool on sheeps/goats (as they drop hard’s more frequently they drop Fairy powder as well as any gather).

    ****-For those that wishes to Pve As Hexe is a low ap (100-160) money making as melting witch earrings give sharps alot of players tend to buy it, so dropin ad selling such an item proves worth your grind (Unless You Decide To Melt It Yourself)
    -Basilisk Den: is 1 one f the good trash loot grind around as each gives 2,000 silver per. ( as opinions differ between people)

    • Cresents: if your willing to Sell Cresent Rings which are a very important Ap ring then thats a good money source as much as basilisk is( Well Potato is much beter fast sell then those, as they’r the main ingredient for Beer which is the workers Food)
    • Gathering Scrolls and hoping for a gear to drop so you can sell it ( secret lies in the red bundle your black spirit gives after each scroll )

    PS: Never Spam one money source as making extra sources to add the silvers up even if its few is worth, and even if life Skilling is boring to most its pretty Handy
    (Go Stable>Stable Shop> Buy t1 horse and train it to level 15> then imperial trade it for 1 seal each/ buy a cart for 2 horse train at once/ or a wagon to add 4 horses and train them at once) Wagons should be crafted [ Credit To LovelySenpie] for that info.
    Pearl Shop and buy Horse Brand Spell Stone ( Brand Your Horse at level 1 only, for a 100% Guaranteed Gold Ranked Horse [Credits To SnowQueen].

    Best Of Luck!

  • @Yanlight im too late to read this since leveling horses is not working. exp stuck at 0 in this remastered version. :(

  • I would say horse do get exp… 5 or 7 with outfit… but yea… that is basicaly 0

  • i love that but im running for 8hours, horse got 0exp. :)

  • Yea… i ran for a bit with my wagon too… then i look at it more carefuly and saw what was happening

  • @squire14 im sorry to hear that happened to both of you as i wish horse exp gets fixed as soon as possible

  • Community Manager

    Horses do now gain EXP as of last night’s maintenance.

    That being said, the amount of Horse EXP gained at the moment is still lower than we’d like and will be buffed really soon.

  • fairy powder is life

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