For New Players (CDO has a boss timer implemented)

  • hey, press M> go Bottom Right and click boss timer icon, as Boss gears are the best ingame and very important to get.

    1-for main weapon Kzarka weapon (kzarka world boss)
    2-for offhand Nouver or Kutum ( from kutum and nouver world bosses)
    3-for awakening you go karanda world boss for Karanda weapon.
    4-for armor ( its eather Dim tree field boss or Rednose) both have the same DP but different Stats as Dim gives +100-200 hp while Red nose give Hp regeneration.
    5-for the boots part you go for Muskan Boots ( That part of an armor can be obtained from Muskan scrolls) those scrolls are droped by serendia shrine or the one near it called Bloody Monastry.
    6-for Gloves its Bheg field boss for Bheg Gloves
    and for the helmet its Giath helmet from Giath boss scrolls that are droped at Mansha forest and some other places i cant recall the names of them atm…such as catfish maybe and so.
    PS: the difference between world bosses and field bosses are pretty much only spawn times as world bosses dispawn/disappear after 15 min of the time they spawn while field bosses need about 2 hours to dispawn/disappear.
    Best Of Luck!

  • hi,

    new here… how to teleport to the boss?

  • @squire14 You cant teleport to the boss, you have to walk there sadly

  • @squire14 hello friend ^^ , as lunar said , but you may level an alt and place it their
    which will give you a fast access to bosses, if you can gear them to the min rate at the least.

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